Funky Friday!!!

Well what an awesome day we have had today all dressed up in our Funky Friday outfits! Room 4 made a huge effort and used their imaginations to come up with some great outfits!

We have had yet another fabulous week in room 4. This week we have been reading a story about a family and their T-Shirts. We have been learning to read and write some of the new words we have come across. We also got to design our own T-shirt! If you got to choose would you have a Great Big HE, SHE or ME on your T-Shirt? What colour would it be?

A big thank you to all the parents who are putting in the extra effort with their children’s learning at home! It has made a huge difference for their learning in the classroom!

Please have a look at a few pics from our Funky Friday!

Miss Hansen and Room 4 🙂






Supporting your child’s learning after one year at school

Supporting your child’s learning after one year at school

I thought some of you may be interested in this link, it’s a basic guide to things that are done in the classroom which can then be transferred to the home to encourage and improve your child’s learning in literacy and numeracy. I hope it is of some use to you!



Last week Room 4 were very busy!

We had two new children join our class, they are Zaphy and Liam they have fit into our class really quickly and we love having them with us.

Kamren has realy enjoyed writing this week, Precilla had fun drawing, Hayley thought it was awesome sitting on the star of the day chair! Ashriya has enjoyed writing her letters and practising writing her name. Manu has had fun this week using the playdough and    Te Ramaroa liked drawing a racing car.

We all LOVED going swimming too! We are learning to kick andfloat on our tummies, some of us are getting there really quickly! Shayaan and Kamren are awesome at using the flutter boards!Please have a look at our swimming photos that Miss Hansen took!

Thank you to all the parents for helpingus with our homework, it makes us even better at our reading and writing!






I found quite an inspirational poem today about balloons and thought it quite fitting to the children in Room 4. I hope you find a little inspiration from it too.

I have made a page called Balloons, go have a read!

Miss H